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Conrad is a group of companies headquartered in San Diego, CA.  Conrad was founded in 1989 and ownership has remained unchanged over the past two decades. The companies have diversified into a variety of nationwide industries. 

The Conrad Companies were built with the philosophy that the only two assets of any service organization are its clients and employees.  Through Conrad’s growth and diversification, that philosophy remains. 

Conrad's complete accounts receivable management group provides a “one stop shop” for all aspects of receivable management, from point of sale to servicing, purchasing of qualified consumer contracts, default collections and litigation.

Conrad Credit's profiling software is an analytical tool that uses mathematical and statistical data to predict an account’s propensity to pay and create a rank ordering of accounts by highest potential collected dollars. The software produces highly accurate and competitive scoring data.The software uses a medal scoring system as listed below:

  • Platinum - High balance accounts with a high liquidation rate
  • Gold - Accounts with a high balance and moderate liquidation rate
  • Silver - Accounts with a high balance and low liquidations rate
  • Bronze - Accounts with low balance and low liquidations rate

This “smart” system regularly identifies which 50% of accounts assigned will generate 85% of the dollars recovered. By sorting the accounts, Conrad Credit can prioritize and focus on selected accounts which will yield a higher recovery rate.